The Bee Looney Shop

Welcome to Beelooney.

Established in 2013 and run single-handedly, each item is handmade with dedication to detail.
Beelooney is an independent online store specialising in high quality baby quilts and various other items, which will be coming soon.
My goal is to provide pretty and unique items and to provide beautiful handmade products with a difference.
I love to create beautiful items that are exclusive and unavailable anywhere.
All my designs are handmade in Scotland and are truly different for that special gift for you and your baby.
Our wonderful range of handcrafted baby quilts are unique and beautiful.
They can be used as decorative pieces for either moses baskets or babies prams.
They are made in a beautiful 3D design and provide warmth and comfort for any baby.
They are stylish, bright and are available in a variety of styles and colours.
Our baby quilts are made with a new bubble design that is unique, fun and a little bit different.